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Usine à gaz - Nyon 20h
soirée 20 ans de Trock


New clip with JLB Studio and Mei Fa Tan

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A cover of Garbage "You look so fine" 

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01 08 Composing
After all the June's shows, we take this summer little calm to compose the third album , hmmm we love this step !

08 07 Free Tibet
Second concert to support Tibet. We had the chance to meet Loten, and share a moment of pure emotion with all the musicians, and people who came to celebrate and spread the message in front of the ONU. As you probably know, Tibet has been changed dramatically by the Chinese occupation. It was a country the size of western Europe when it was invaded in 1950. Many lives have been lost and Tibetans in Tibet do not enjoy basic human rights. The Chinese authorities have also introduced policies by which the unique culture, language and natural resources of Tibet are being systematically and irrevocably eroded. So we all have to protect this sacred land, with love, hope, gifts and spreading the message.

07 07 solar tour
Dom is an energic and positive man with a lot of great ideas and a pop rock project you can listen here. He asks for bands who would like to share a live date with him on the solar tour. The Solar Tour is an innovative project, by its combination of diverse interests ranging to meet the public by combining culture, science and environmental awareness. The aim is to show that culture can be a vehicle for advocacy tool to highlight critical issues in the future of our environment. So of course, we said : Yes !!!!

07.07.12 Nyon Grande Jetée

23 06 Chat Noir
So good ! We were asked to play for the music festival on the Chat noir stage, a cultural and friendly space, the Chat Noir, is dedicated since 1985 to current music. Unique in its openness and quality of its programming and its role in favor of music, he became an inescapable part of music scene in and around Geneva. Thousands of concerts of all genres have contributed to its history, and so, we're really happy to be a little part of it!



19 04 Duo
we starting again to work in duo, to play in pub and intimate places. We had the first real show in duo at the Enfants Terribles, a wonderful pub in Carouge !!

10 03 Second album « The Change » Vernissage
Oh dudes tonight is the night! we're going to get out all these adventures and heal this intense period, we learned so much, and I think a new air going to blow! Finally we'll be able to get on with things and keep the compositions of the third! Hooray! thank you to the Usine à Gaz, Laurent Schaer, our new live engineer Hadrien Mayoraz, and volunteer staff for this evening of crazy! Also a big thanks to Cindy who filmed the shows and helped in may ways.
Thanks to friends who come, thanks to friends who don't !:):):) we were about 200 people to celebrate it !


02 02
Cool ! We had been interviewed by Marc Decoster on the Nyon regional TV, thank you:)



15 01
YES ! YES ! AND YES ! We have the album in our hands ! After three years of absolute madness, we got it !!! so a BIG thank to Vincent Triponez of the Studio 52.9 and his assistant Nicolas Walder.
Thanks to Jean Sébastien Monzani and Agnèes Schüpbach for the artwork !



This year was crazy, we were in the studio, on its raging with the sound, aching with mixes, remixes of remixes and remixes again, and not finding what was wanted, so we took a little air and having fun with projects emerging from our usual cocoon, we experimented a tribute to Led Zeppelin in accoustic (yes, we did!) and Bob Marley, we worked in residence for the live and even took the time to create the project of a giant music box! Phew! in 2012 we must think of rest, ha, ha, ha!

21 06 Creation
We were quietly sipping a drink with our two friends, Anne (illustrator) and Laurent (light engineering and VJ) who had a great idea: create a giant music box, which are back-projected illustrations and animations and which we would play in as a duo. The team of music festival proposed for this year to create a project specifically for this edition. So we launched, we have revisited all our pieces by lightening up to create a magical atmosphere. A great project and a lot of sweet memories!

15 06
we recorded the voices again and spent months to recover the drum tracks ! Thanks to Vince's patience !

07.05 Rockanthology Festival – St Prex
a big show on three days, organized by Hedi Ben Amor, on the theme of Rock, Ana Popovich revisits Jimmy Hendrix, Road Fever with a powerful heavy metal, The Fire concert with an old school rock n roll, Uli John Roth, former guitarist of Scorpion ... The festival traces all the years of rock. For this concert, Meian revisits Led Zeppelin songs in acoustic versions... La Côte interviewed Meïan for that event.

07,08,09 03 Usine à Gaz residence - Nyon
Meian is in residence at the Usine à Gaz, to work the live of the next album, with projections of videos filmed by Anaïs and managed by Laurent Schaer. We continue our quest to improve our live sound, with the invaluable assistance of Luc Gros. And a photo shoot was completed by Stephane Harnisch, thank you guys!

10 02
we asked Vincent Triponez of the studio 52.9 to listen to the album, and he was ok to help us, so here we go again !! THANK YOU SO MUCH MAN! PINAIIIZZZZZ!!!!!

15 01 Usine Ptr – Geneva
When we knew that the Usine's team was setting up an evening tribute to Bob Marley, we responded present to honor the man who contributed so much to music. Representative of a culture that has created the beginnings of sampling / dub, trip hop roots, it was a real challenge for Meian to be able to revive songs of this great man. With that so loud past, our common bond were love, and self development, so we experimented with the mythical "Natural Mystic", the languid "Turn your light down low", or energetic sharing "Is this love ". It was really important for us to choose songs less political and more focused on self-seeking, to play those songs with all our respect and love for the rich Jamaican culture and Rastafarian movement.

28 01
We finished the mixes and goes to the Globe audio mastering studio in Bordeaux, it was a great time, and it's a wonderful place. We did the master, had the comment of the great Alexis, and back home, we listened and didn't like what we heard, not a problem of master but mixes. We were tired and really disgusted, so we take a month to reflect and ask other engineer to listen to the project to have advices...

in 2010 we started recording the album, in April we did pre-production, we were quite happy and therefore we felt ready to begin the adventure. It was the first studio experience for Meian (the first album was totally home made). We soon realized that the it would be much more hardue, and so we would dig to find a good balance between the samples and us... Between sessions we did a acoustic show for 48 hours of Romradio and began the creation of the album's artwork. We also participated for the contest of Studio 52.9 and won 3rd prize > two days in studios!!! oh yeah!

05 10
We can not imagine how it's hard to have a good picture with three faces above, hahah! guaranteed laughs... we had a good time with the excellent photographer Jean Sebastien Monzani, a trip to the park in Lausanne, some pictures specials around, and presto! in the box! Thanks to the special assistant Mathieu Meynet who helped us.

14 08
we start our recording studio groove attitude in Morges, with Hedi Ben Amor, owner and engineer Peach. The recordings are going well with some difficulty for me to adapt myself to the studio mic, and polish up the vocal effects, thanks to the help of vocal coach Mo Millar at CVI ... Tune the guitar, bring the big sound, and let's gooooo!!!



12 04
we're now at the studio making the pre production of the album, ready for 4 days of recking, listening, mixing and trying new stuff. See you soon!

10 02
They are crasy! Yes! Romradio's team beginnings the 48h of radio show non stop! We arrived at the radio's studio the second day, they were all completly nuts, tired and coffee drunk . We were really tired too and so the interview was absolute non sense, but it was the best one we ever had, ahahah politics questions and us... big up! Then, back for the live show at Bleu Lezard, the first one in acoustic, wow that's really different, you feel naked and ... watched! Ah!

05 01
so happy! We won the 3rd prize of the studio 52.9 contest, 2 days in studio for free! I hope to record the voices album with, Vince is a really cool engineer and I feel it would be great... we'll see :) :)

A year on the road! We played a lot in switzerland and having a mini tour in the south of France. It was real rock n roll! Woow! We also did the opening for Marianne Faitfull, this great and beautiful 60's icon, slamming my knees again!! We also had the pleasure to see our vidéo clip on Leman Bleu TV, and we recorded a daft meteo for them. We also finished the video clip of Go away song, offered by sir Tauveron.We also made collaboration with the spanish author Maria Beltane, we did the “black hole” song with the japanese musician Ephemeria Syndicate, and Go away was remixed by the german DJ megalowmaniac. I don't remember the exact date, but we sign a contract with the label Neuronexion for the distribution of the album and for the booking.

From march to november : We were on the road, playing at the Parenthèse, Alhambra, Fnac, Berles Rock, Enfants Terribles, and have the chance of a mini tour in the France's south, in Nice, Toulouse and Lauzerte, its was very cool to be on stage several days and it was the best thing ever to improve our lives. Thanks to Mathieu who was there to drive, and helped in so much ways. The first night, we ended with a big jam with the pub local musicians, and drank so much that we had to let the income to the barman... The second day we were playing at the “Petit london” pub, it was very cool, and so great, we had a big hot bath after the show. The 3rd day in the south was really funny, when we arrived it was a sort of “grandparent's show” they were dancing on ooooold so stylish songs, we were like “arrg” do we really have to play here?!! But then the dancing noon ends, and we meet this very cool young band, I don't remember the name due to wine, but, its was very funky and inventive! Cool! + we were so touched that fans came from Marseille to see us!! WAW!!


20 11
We opens for Beat Assaillant, wich is very active in "underground" music Hip-Hop, Jazz including rap. There we met Ben l'oncle soul, who was one of the chorist, the show was really cool, and energy was at the top!

17 11
oh my god, that's today! We opening for that incredible woman, Marianne Faithfull! She means a lot to me, she is the 60's icon by excellence and had a facinating life. The show was great, we couldn't speak to her, but the musicians were very nice, I can say, apart this frozen lady who played the winds intruments, she was like “don't touch that, that's is precious instruments” like if we were 5 years old and don't know the fragility of instruments, anyway... after the show I received my first flower on stage, a nice Marianne's fan offered me one, it was so touching!!! Thanks to Ishtar and Thônex's team for that memorable night!

23 08
another crazy project, I have family in the Abbruzzes in Italy, and on the 6 april, there were a 6.3 richter earthquake, houses and historical monuments, were almost all destroyed, and people could no longer work, my aunt called me to tell me the news, and we started talking about organizing a day of activities and concerts to raise money and help our village of Fossa. For our part we took care of everything organized for the 10 groups that we had planned. It was mad but everything went well! An evening full of emotions we will never forget, and the association continue to help them.
There is a report on Fr3.

29 05
We played before Aloan in the wonderful stage of Alhambra, waw, the room was full, and it was the first time we played with that large public, Aloan is an amazing Swiss band, and it was an honor to play with them.

17 04
Some days before, Damien Rossini called us, “hey guys, we will broadcast our video clip, and we would like to make a crazy meteo with you, would you be ok?” He said it have to be the most ridiculous possible, so Yes! They had a song “I know a song that annoys people” so we recorded at home cartoons version of famous french variety, it was 1 am and gael and me were trying to calm down with a version of Francis Cabrel song, wich is a good artist, but the video clip is old and so kitch now, that we can't stop to laugh. We recorded all the voices with an helium style, so it took a lot of time to be concentrated. Next morning we bring our stuff to Damien suggesting our ideas, and we filmed the versions of Brassens, Cabrel, Bardot and Clolo styles! Its was real fun! Thanks to Leman Bleu and the team!


23 05 Show case
Lady and gentlemen, ovation for Meïan in acoustic duo in the Fnac! No more to say...

03 03 Go away vidéo clip
Guillaume Tauveron, who made the “don't ask me why” vidéo clip, were in love with the song “go away” so he asks if he could do a video for this song, but as we spent a lot of money and energy for dont ask me why, we told him we were ok if we choose an easiest way to record it, so he told us, I film the story, you can make your part by yourself, and send me when it's done... so next adventure, we rent camera, and searched nice places in Nyon to film our parts, and we're not cameramen, it was by a frozen morning and we filmed about seven hours to finally take 1 minute in the clip, ahah, it was fun. thanks to Raphael who helped us, and thanks to Guillaume Tauveron and his actors Christian Eustache, Marion Holmière et Colette Vidal for the history part.

during this year, we were thinking of the next album, the songs were composed, but we didn't had the money to produce a new one now. So we had the idea of a vidéo clip of a new song “don't ask me why” to make a sort of “buisness card” for the labels to see our new directions. We had the idea of a video in the “lynch” style (we are big fans of his art), I wrote the story, and suggest it to the director Guillaume Tauveron. He was enthusiastic and we began the project. A big thanks to the team, Nina Blum and Tadeus Pasternak (main character) and all the extras team!

We also played a lot of shows like the opening for Belleruche, a show at the Undertown, at Bikini Test, the famous BarKing and other... Because we were touring the WTW album since 2007, we were ready to we were ready to add more things on stage, so we did a residence to create and add projections, we took a lot of photos and mixed them on the theme of the song. We also did a collaboration with Kenshirosahn for the song Dark Clouds. We had our first radio interviewed, and we realised we'll have to progress on it! Say what you want in a song, but explain it at the radios..... hm....

first show, first album, first everything!!
I can't believe I have the album in the hands! I met Gael last August, and it was all composed and recorded in a few months, and now, in January , here is the album! the cover was made by Agnes Schüpbach, excellent graphic designer. When we created this album, we were a duo, so we thought the artwork could represent our personnality in music, and is quite successful both twins connected at the heart or brain, so for my part I compose the mood, I need the feeling of the song before we go any further, while gaël is a researcher, a scientist who's gonna handle up and experimenting. We collaborated with the saxophonist David Knight, on the songs Beautiful Fakes and We don't have time, he came, and we said, make a f*** free jazz solo on it, he smiles, and he did! Thanks to you, crazy dude!

When we had the cd, Gaël who were playing in another band, gave the cd to stefan, the drummer of their band, and he asks, don't you need a drummer for the live?!! And then all begins, we started to work on the live prestations. Yes when we did this album Gaël and me, it was so impulsive, that we never spoke on how we will do that on stage, so, when Stef came, we started to work that, and we had a show next month at Usine à gaz in Nyon. It was my first band, before that I had a project in a metal band, and a trip hop one, but it was mor fun than work. I were in a music school, but as a “guitarist” , I always wanted to sing but I were totally paralysed when it came to sing in front of somebody, but Gaël helped me to face my fears, and I gently progressed. The first show I weren't able to stand up so I sat quietly behind my keyboard... In 2007 we played at the Bleu Lezard, the Rock Altitude Festival, we played in France too..


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